About Paul Pritchett

A gifted, mostly self-taught artist, Paul Pritchett loves to bring the “American West” to life in his portraits, paintings and sculptures.

“Primarily I’ve loved anything western. Living around Odessa, I fell in love with the desert, cowboys and all the rough and tumble that goes along with that, such as rodeos. Observing that lifestyle inspires me quicker than anything,” he said.

His experience studying under such greats as Dalhart Windberg, Karen Patton, Xian Zhang and Bruce Green has given him the knowledge to teach adults how to bring their portraits alive. He is able to do this through month long classes, using his exclusive medium of choice – oils.

“Portrait painting is my specialty. A lot of people can do landscapes, but most people can’t do portraits,” Paul said.

One of the most important aspects of his talent that he shares with his students is the fine art of patience.

“Passion is about patience. I want them to learn patience because that’s the only way they can do portraits. If you develop patience, you can be that artist you want to be.” Pritchett added.
Paul has taught over 6,000 students in his 11 years of teaching.
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Paul Pritchett, Oil Painter
Oil Painting Classes
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