About Ruth Hoyt

Ruth Hoyt is a Jane-of -all-trades in the photography world. A Certified Texas Master Naturalist (CTMN) and Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG), Hoyt offers her natural photographic talents in a multiplicity of ways.

Holding classes in beginning through advanced levels – classroom or private – she is also available for speaking engagements, contractual work and guided photo tours on private ranches, just to name a few of her services.

Connecting people to nature and the outdoors through photography – helping people learn the art of patience as they capture that one special shot – is one of her primary goals.

“I’m a nature photographer. I spend a lot fo time outside sitting, waiting, or thinking ahead and planning,” Hoy explains her methodology in obtaining her stunning photos.

Introducing people to the outdoors, she’s starting with the young. Becoming involved with youth – getting kids outside and participating in photography – is her first step.

A multi-award winning photographer, including winning entried i nthe Valley Land Fund’s prestigious photo contest, she founded MoNEP (Missouri Nature & Environmental Photographers) and TexNEP (Texas Nature & Environmental Photographers), and maintains membership in various photography and nature organizations.

For information on her services, contact her directly.