About The G Squared Collaborative

Wendy Gilbert and Fred Gonzalez are middle school art teachers at De Leon Middle School and have recently formed The G Squared Collaborative located at Studio 9 in the McAllen Creative Incubator.

Despite having discovered and followed their passion for art in different times and places, Wendy Gilbert and Fred Gonzalez both share the same view on creating art. Art making or “Arting” should be fun.  Individually, they each have different styles and approaches to creating their art, but influence and challenge each other to always strive to search for new ways to express themselves and build on their skills.

This approach to creating art and enjoying the process has informed their philosophy for teaching art to others, whether it is in the school classroom, a workshop at The Creative Incubator or privately with fellow art nerds.

Visit http://thegsquaredcollaborative.com or call (956) 460-1880 for upcoming workshops.