About Young Masters Academy

The Young Masters Art & Chess Academy was born of lifelong experiences which impacted brothers Eddie and Robert Mirza. Originally from Italy, they were entranced by the arts and languages of the world.

Offering over 30 years of experience, Eddie and Robert have curated their programs to be inclusive and engaging by practicing a conversational approach. Students are encouraged to master their art while enjoying the process of attaining creative skills.

“Technology has advanced in such a way that imaginative and creative strategy has not been emphasized. Through art, language, and chess, we offer dignified enrichment which cultivates, opens, and inspires renewed perspective in our students which ultimately results in personal growth.”

The Art, Chess and Foreign Languages classes will teach children as well as adults to learn all the basics, improve their skills and become self-sufficient. Eddie and Robert received their training in their fields in the Dutch Caribbean, Europe, South America  and the United States.

Together the brothers offer a unique opportunity to the community, providing 4 programs under one roof!

Young Masters Art & Chess Academy offers the following classes:

17 and under

Art Introductory to Intermediate Technique

Pencil, Color Pencils, Watercolor, Pastels, Charcoals, Ink, Acrylics, etc.

Chess Beginner to Advanced

Opportunity to compete in the USCF

Soccer Beginner to Advanced

Private or Group lessons available

All Languages Introductory to Intermediate

Spanish, French, Italian, Portugese

Painting Parties and art classes Available upon Request

All supplies provided

Feel free to contact Eddie for more information regarding his art, chess, soccer and language classes at edmond@youngmastersartandchess.com or 956-225-3119. To learn more about Eddie, Robert and the Young Masters Academy, visit our Facebook pages or  http://www.youngmastersartandchess.com.