About Miriam Smith

Painting porcelain became popular 2000 years ago in China, but only came to the States about 150 years ago. A unique art form, it takes special oils and natural powders to make the paints, which ultimately will show through the glaze applied to the fired pieces. Miriam Smith knew the minute she picked up a brush in her first class 17 years ago that this was what she wanted to do with her life.

Taking classes around the world – in Italy, Brazil, Germany and America from leaders in the field – Brigit Porter, Jean Harper and Paula Collins – Miriam’s goal is to teach this specialty painting technique before the art is lost.

“This art is disappearing. Few learn how to paint on porcelain because life is too fast now.” Miriam is determined to keep this graceful fine art alive. “I really would like people to take classes to learn how good it feels to make something, the pleasure one has when they see those finished pieces they created.”

All materials needed for a finished project are included. Contact her for information regarding classes.

Miriam Smith
Porcelain Painting