Art Walk to kick-off the South Texas Irish Festival

McAllen-The South Texas Irish Festival will take place at the McAllen Incubator on Saturday, April 2, 2022. Celebrating local talent and business is a key feature of the festival that not only celebrates local artisans and business owners, but also highlights local artwork and collaboration.

The McAllen Art Walk will kick off the Irish Fest on Friday, April 1, 2022 at the McAllen Incubator, located at 601 N Main St; premiering the gallery exhibit for the month of April. The exhibit is a multimedia and interactive art experience created by a team of Rio Grande Valley artists in all types of mediums, from classic acrylic on canvas to textural projections, photography, and guided storytelling.

The exhibit titled “This Dark Land,” explores the myth and folklore of the Celtic Isles, transporting the visitor through involved surrealism and eerie dreamscapes. Drawing from the Irish landscape and its dark mythologies, more than 7 artists and a team of students will build an enchanted world that engages all the senses and inspires a sense of wonder. Make it a night out in the McAllen Arts District for Aprils Art Walk to get a first look.

More details found on the Facebook event page and at all Irish Fest inquiries can be sent to