Virtual Art Walk-June 5, 2020

Would you like to be part of the Virtual Art Walk Hosted by McA2?

A collaboration by the McAllen Creative Incubator, Angelika Eleni (McAllen Irish Arts), & Victoria Lopez (Poetry On Demand) to bring McAllen small business, arts, and culture to your home. While we social distance for safety, we can create, learn, perform, and connect as a community in new inspiring ways!Angelika & Victoria will host a live YouTube event, FRIDAY JUNE 5th, representing the McAllen Creative Incubator. The event will run 2 hours and will be available on the YouTube channel permanently afterwards. The description area of the video will have the full list of acts along with their social media handles and time stamps.Participants are called to submit a horizontal, high quality video with a run time of 5-10 minutes, content of their choice. By completing this Googleform, participants may upload their video along with the important information needed for us to announce their act.

1 HORIZONTAL, high quality video
Run time MAXIMUM: 10 minutes
Complete this form —–>


Thank you for your interest and support! We’d like to take a moment to note that videos must be creative or educational in content. Please introduce yourself and your business/organization, then *show* us what you’re all about! That can be in the form of a performance, a “behind the scenes” look, a tutorial, a short lecture, or exhibit of your art, the sky is the limit!

Angelika & Victoria will give an introduction before airing each video using the information provided to us in this form. The more thoroughly you complete it, the better that we, as hosts, can promote YOU. We will also provide a full set list of participants, their social media handles and websites in the event description, and additionally will update it after the show ends with any new information that came up during the event. By leaving the promoting to us, you have the freedom to just be YOU! This way, we can produce an engaging and positive immersive experience for everyone.
We look forward to viewing your submissions!

Feel free to contact us for anything, we’re here to help.

Thank you for joining us!  June 5, 2020 Virutal Art Walk

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