About Creative Arts Studio

CAS is a collective of local artists empowering communities through fine arts education. They seek to inspire talent for community development, as well as ignite the power of the arts to promote social change, growth in understanding, and advancement in human consciousness.

The musicians, performers, painters, singers, actors, filmmakers, dancers; artists who have decided to invest their efforts into this program, wish to pass on their knowledge to all students in South Texas communities.

“We believe in the power of the Arts to develop social change,” said Augusto Contreras, Creative Arts instructor. “We are ready to join in the efforts with the McAllen Creative Incubator to create a positive impact through the arts in our community. So jump in! Take a guitar lesson, an acting class, a dance workshop; you’ll open up the doors to a world of life-changing creative experiences.” AC, Creative Arts Studio.

Creative Arts Studio