“Thread Reimagined” Exhibit by Linking Threads Fiber Art

Linking Threads Fiber Art is a family company founded in Texas by Maria Cristina Torres, Sofia Castedo, and Mariana Rengifo. Frustrated by unoriginal canvas options available for wall art in the U.S., we began experimenting with different crochet and dip dye methods to create unique and vibrant works of fiber art. Our brand focuses on finding a balance in bohemian, classic, and modern wall hangings. Every one of our tapestries is handmade and framed in custom crafted oak wood.

Our pieces are available for sale at www.LTfiberart.com
For a custom order, email us at info@LTfiberart.com

From Mariana Rengifo:

The use of crochet and dip dye methods in fiber art provides infinite possibilities…and I intend to continue to explore the use of thread as a canvas option!

During the design process of a project, I like to implement a new technique or variation which results in truly one of a kind pieces. As I learn these new skills, I then begin to imagine how I can use them to execute my vision for future projects. This creative cycle, as well as working alongside my mother and sister, has resulted in a flow of creativity, for which I am grateful.

From the simple and abstract to the detailed and precise designs, from neutrals to multicolored, I hope that every one of my fiber works inspires.